July, 2018 Edition

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What’s up besides the temperatures at Superstition Mountain Museum?

A look on the bright side of soaring summer temperatures

A seasonal display put up by our own Teton Ken encourages hardy visitors to look on the bright side of soaring summer temperatures.
Though the weather is hot and events less frequent, enthusiasm and motivation stay high at the museum while summer projects are tackled as visitor traffic slows down. Old Tyme Cool Comedies blare from the chapel twice weekly during July and colorful characters populate the premises on most Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. all summer long to keep everyone’s spirits up and entertain the hardy souls venturing along the Apache Trail.
One project wrapping up this summer is the installation of a large new exhibit, entitled “The Gold Seekers” that will be going up on display in the museum exhibition gallery. The focus of the exhibit will be photos and information about many of the most famous, and infamous, Dutchman Mine hunters of the last 100 years who fell victim to gold fever and spent a good part of their lives chasing their dream. Some even lost their lives in this pursuit.
Chuckwagon Wanda and Digger the Donkey will be roaming the museum grounds, and Dr. Blackjack McCabe, physician, magician and mortician, mesmerizes and amazes with his magic tricks performed in the Apacheland Barn. Cowboy Blacksmith Jon Palmer, our blacksmith in residence, can be found working and defying the heat in the Blacksmith Shop on most Saturday mornings. Visitors strolling the boardwalk of the Western Town might run into Morgan Earp, his lady friend Maria and her son, Junior.
Our hardy and resilient Stamp Mill Volunteers will be staging one demonstration per month of our 20-stamp, 7-ton ore mill at work through September. The time is 10 a.m. and the dates are: Saturday, August 11; and Saturday, Sept. 8.
The museum is open every day all summer. To find out more what is going on at Superstition Mountain and what is upcoming for fall and winter, go to superstitionmountainmuseum.org.