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What awaits you on the Nugget Trail?

The Nugget trail is full of possibilities for exploration

The Nugget trail is full of possibilities for exploration. It encompasses five counties, several towns, backroads and byways just waiting to get your attention.
The Nugget trail is a loop and should be enjoyed over several days to get the most benefit, as there are numerous stops along the way and several lookout points that make for good photo ops.
Your adventure starts in Globe, where you can visit the ancient Indian ruins of Besh Ba Gowah, take a tour of the historic 1910 jail (where ghost sightings have been documented), and indulge in some great tasting Mexican food.
From Globe, you have your choice to take the Nugget trail in different directions: Highway 60 towards Show Low, where you will travel through the breathtaking Salt River Canyon, which is named the “mini Grand-Canyon” for obvious reasons, and eventually end up in Navajo County, where you’ll discover the towns of Show Low, Lakeside and Pinetop.
If you decide to try your luck at the Apache Gold Casino, you’ll want to continue your Nugget Trail adventure on Highway 70 through the San Carlos Reservation to Safford, where you’ll find natural hot springs, lakes, hiking, and off road adventures hidden throughout Graham County. In the distance, is the majestic Mount Graham, where astronomy buffs can tour the international observatory.
This scenic drive connects the copper mining town of Clifton to the small town of Springerville, located in the White Mountains.
The Coronado Trail is not for the faint at heart, as it features 123 miles of hairpin turns and steep cliffs with gorgeous panoramic views ending with a beautiful stay at Hannigan Meadow Lodge.