April, 2018 Edition

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The Arizona Trail through the Superstitions

The Arizona National Scenic Trail stretches 800 miles across Arizona, linking deserts, mountains, canyons, forests, communities and people

The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a complete path, stretching 800 miles across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, forests, communities and people. The Arizona Trail is divided into 43 passages. One local hiker tackled the Superstition Wilderness passage and it took three days and two nights for him to complete.
Superstition wilderness passage changes from Sonoran desert vegetation consisting of: prickly pear, saguaro, jojoba, cholla, ocotillo, agave, palo verde, brittlebush, barrel cactus, to tall pine trees and grassy meadows as you hike.
Preparing for a hike of this extent is extremely important. Gear fitting properly may not seem like a big deal, but on long hikes, you can develop hot spots which will turn into blisters, so spending the money on proper gear and pre-walking will help you find the right fit.
Traveling light is another component for a successful hike. Water is one resource that’s not readily available in the desert, so most of your weight will be in water. Every ounce makes a difference, especially on your feet.
A hike of this extent would require some studying of the trail. This hiker spent about three months doing his homework. Learning the aspects of the trail, the different environments and temperature variations from day to night.
Also, wear pants and long-sleeve shirts, while not absolutely necessary, they are recommended.
If you don’t wear them, you run the risk coming home with a variety of scratches on your arms and legs. Not to mention the sun exposure that adds to dehydration, which is something hikers can’t afford.
Along the path there are signs that are well maintained to help you keep your way.
It was suggested doing this hike in the cooler months of the year, while temperatures are still tolerable.
Be sure to check the weather before hiking in Arizona for heat advisories and especially during the monsoon season.
The desert is a beautiful dry place, but during Monsoons, the dry, hard packed ground can turn into a flash flood zone in seconds.
This passage of the Arizona Trail is his favorite hike because of the beauty you can’t find anywhere else in the world.
Tto see all the history and passages of this amazing trail, go to www.aztrail.org.